Authorized Modpacks

This page is for any authorized modpacks and servers which use my mods!

It is categorized entirely in the order which I receive them. However, some are considered "Featured", eiher if I have something to do with them, I really enjoy them, or they have donated for the rank.

Enjoy! If you want your modpack or server on here, Send me an email!

Silvania: Ultimatum


Silvania: Ultimatum is Flenix's official server. Not actually open yet but people can join to help build! The server is a modern-futuristic world, and we're working on some awesome features. It's got a huge modpack too!

Read more & how to get it here!

Flenix's Mod Server


Flenix's Mod Server is the creative server I use for testing the mods. It's always running the latest versions of all my mods! The buildings made on here could eventually be added to FlenixCities world generation too!

Go here for download links and information.